Special Officer Program (SOP)


8Photo Security Service Specialists, Inc. is very pleased to
provide for our clients in the City of Boston, our award
winning Special Officer Program. These officers have
achieved the highest level of accomplishment in the
private security industry. All Special Officers must
first attend and pass a certified and approved law
enforcement academy. They must then pass a written
test by the Boston Police Department that encompasses
all legal responsibilities and actions. Each Special
Officer must have a working knowledge of Rule#400
which states the rights and mandatory requirements
of their positions as approved by the Boston Police
Department. If successful, the Special Officer is then
issued a badge by the City of Boston and the Boston
Police Department. Special Police Officers have the
same authority as the Boston Police Department, with
the sole exception being that their powers are limited to
the jurisdiction that is your facility. They have the right
to check for warrants, detain and question suspects, and
arrest said individuals if necessary. Special Officers
also make excellent witnesses in court because of their
background and training. Many property managers and
owners highly recommend the Special Officers for their
facilities in Boston, because it is just like having your
own private police department on your property.