History of Security Service Specialists, Inc.


Security Service Specialists, Inc. is a privately held company that was founded in 1975 and incorporated in
1997. The corporation is 100% minority owned and operated. Over the years we have established ourselves as
the premier organization in the entire New England region for unarmed and armed private security as well as our
award winning Special Officer Program. Our elite client list includes such prominent enterprises as Grant Manor
Apartment, Madison Park Development Corporation, Orchard Garden Estates, the Massachusetts Department
of Community Corrections (Bristol, Barnstable, and Plymouth counties), Roxse Homes, Washington Heights
Apartments, Blue Elm United Estates, Federal Realty Investment Trust, United Housing Management LLC,
Peoples Federal Savings Bank, Cambridge Savings Bank, Peabody Properties, the Bullfinch Corporation, and
Eastern Development, LLC.

Over the years we have been acknowledged for the level of service that we have been
able to provide and the direct improvements that we have achieved in the communities that we service.
The difference between Security Service Specialists, Inc. and the other security agencies is the quality of
professional officers that we assign to our prestigious clients. We conduct a thorough background and CORI
check on each individual applicant before they are even considered for employment. Each prospective employee
must then undergo a complete drug screening at a Quest Diagnostics testing facility. The officers then receive
comprehensive training from noted industry experts on all aspects of the private security specter from medical
emergencies to terrorism, as well as the legal responsibilities of their positions. Security Service Specialists, Inc.
treats its employees as professionals and encourages promotions and advancements from within. This form of
relationship has allowed us to produce the best security representation in the industry today.

Security Service Specialists, Inc. is a growing corporation with the resources to manage any range of facilities.
The environment regarding personal and public safety protection has changed dramatically in recent history.
Security Service Specialists, Inc. is proud to be a leader in the advancement of these measures while providing
a sense of comfort and stability to the citizens that we are sworn to protect. Our combination of professional
personnel, most updated technological equipment, and an unprecedented community policing program have made
us the leader in the protection industry today and for the future. Security Service Specialists, Inc. anticipates the
privilege of servicing your organization and building an enduring relationship.



”Security Service Specialists through Time”


1975 Security Service Specialists opens for business proudly servicing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
The company is based on the principals of Community Policing, Community Involvement, and
providing the best public safety and security programs for its clients. These principals hold true today.
1986  Security Service Specialists is recognized as one of the top security firms in all of New England for their
superior levels of service and professionalism in the personal protection of their elite clientele.
World famous artists such as Eric Clapton, Madonna, and Bon Jovi all utilize the services of SSS while touring the New
England region.
1997 Security Service Specialists becomes officially incorporated. The company headquarters are moved to
Wakefield, MA., where they are still currently located. Security Service Specialists, Inc. takes this opportunity
to expand on their charitable endeavors and becomes involved with programs aimed at the youth, the seniors,
and military veterans.
1999   Security Service Specialists, Inc., designs and implements a highly successful public safety and security
program for the community of Orchard Garden Estates in Roxbury, MA. Over the years SSS has received
numerous awards for their contributions and commitment to the community. 15 years later we are still proudly
representing Orchard.
2000   SSS unveils one of its most signature community programs “The SSS Thanksgiving Dinner Extravaganza”.
SSS works with property management to identify the most at risk families. SSS then proudly delivers to their
doors a complete dinner including a family size turkey, side dishes, and treats for children. Last year over 125
dinners were provided.
2002 Albano F. Ponte is introduced as the new President and Chief Financial Officer of SSS. Mr. Ponte, a former
immigrant, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the corporation. His background includes over
26 years as a United States Treasury Agent and he is a known expert in the fields of Banking, Real Estate,
and Insurance.
2004   Security Service Specialists, Inc. is honored to form a working relationship with the Trial Courts of
Massachusetts and the Office of Community Corrections to design a security program for their facilities in
Boston. Over the years this program has become so successful that it has been expended to other facilities
throughout the state.
2006  The new dispatch center for Security Service Specialists, Inc. is opened on Tremont Street in Roxbury, MA.
The center quickly develops a superior reputation in the city of Boston for its emergency response services,
resident satisfaction levels, professional and patient dispatchers , and investigation assistance to the Boston
Police Department.
2014   Security Service Specialists, Inc. is honored to be celebrating its 39th anniversary this year. The corporation
continues to evolve and has recently updated all communication devices, uniforms, and company
vehicles. SSS is proud of its past achievements and looks forward to even greater accomplishments in
the years to come.