Statewide Program Monitoring Program


9Photo Security Service Specialists, Inc. is very privileged to be representing and working with the Trial Courts

of Massachusetts in their goal to assist troubled
individuals become productive members of society.
Our officers are bestowed upon the title “Program
Monitors”. Over the years we have been providing
these services at numerous facilities spread out over six
counties in Massachusetts. These Program Monitors
are responsible for all activities that take place within
each facility from when they open to when they close.
Our officers check in each individual that arrives at
the facility and utilize screening procedures such as
metal detectors, to ensure the safety of everyone. The
officers then make sure that each individual is at their
designated location either for classroom assignments,
community service, or to submit to a random drug
test as ordered by the court system.

Security Service Specialists, Inc. Program Monitors undergo lab training and certification and perform the drug test collections and breathalyzer tests personally. We then work closely with the Probation and Parole Departments of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to make sure that each individual is properly fulfilling their obligations as mandated by the trial courts. Security Service Specialists, Inc. is happy to team up with the Trial Courts of Massachusetts and support their goal of making the state a safer place in which to live for us all.