Mobile Professional Property Inspections Patrol Program

Security Service Specialists, Inc. has fully trained
and highly qualified mobile units on the road 24
hours a day making sure that all of our clientele are
receiving the best security coverage at all times. These
supervising officers and inspectors arrive on your
facility in full police style uniform driving a marked
law enforcement vehicle. They then conduct their
inspections providing a visual surveillance of your
entire facility. We also provide a full maintenance
inspection and public safety report focusing on
decreasing your liabilities. Examples of the services
we can provide for you are listed below:
· Overnight Facility Inspections – Our uniformed
officers conduct scheduled patrols of your facility(s)
in a professionally detailed and highly visible security
vehicle during overnights, holidays, and off hours.
The client decides how many inspections they require
per evening. A complete report will be submitted to
you on a daily or weekly basis. This program is very
popular with our clients because you control the costs.
· Roving Patrol Stops – Security Service
Specialists, Inc. would be able to protect multiple
locations for your corporation with a highly trained
uniformed field officer “roving” from location to
location. This program has been noted for its success
in the decreasing of incidents by having a physical
presence at numerous locations during random times.
This plan is very cost effective.

Alarm Response Services – Security Service
Specialists, Inc. has trained officers on call daily to
provide this service. Our officers will respond to these
calls swiftly and conduct a complete investigation.
Our dispatch center has many years of experience
in working with numerous alarm companies and law
enforcement agencies.