Executive Protection


Our health and our families are the most important
assets that we have in this world. When outside
influences threaten these assets, that is the time to call
Security Service Specialists, Inc.
We have a long history of protecting some of the
most influential individuals in the fields of finance,
politics, sports, and music with personal protection
and security. The news is full of tragedies everyday
and you have to be prepared to protect your loved
ones during these troubling times.
Our executive protection officers are fully trained to
provide just such services and help you maintain your
peace of mind. These highly skilled officers undergo
constant training and are field tested to identify any
at risk situation and dispose of it quickly and quietly.
These officers can be utilized in your home, place of
business, or during travel. Why take chances with
your public safety when help from Security Service
Specialists, Inc. is only a phone call away.