Camera Operating Officers


Technology is one of the most important weapons
that we have in fighting crime. Nothing is more
demonstrative of this then visual surveillance.
Security Service Specialists, Inc. has fully trained
camera monitoring officers posted throughout the
state at various locations. These officers are noted for
their powers of observation and quick response time
in emergency situations. The officers receive constant
training on all equipment and communication devices.
When an incident occurs within their jurisdiction, the
officer makes sure that the camera angle is optimal
and that all activities are being recorded. The officer
then immediately reports the incident to the proper
authorities as well as the facility manager and owner.
We then work closely with law enforcement to make
sure that they have all of the evidence that they need.
Our officers are also prepared to be presented in court
and testify as expert witnesses. Combining the human
element with technology is the wave of the future for
law enforcement.