Banks and Financial Institutions Security



When it comes to protecting banks and financial
institutions during these troubling times, the right choice
for a security company is a serious decision. Bank
robberies have been increasing in numbers throughout
the country with reported assaults and robberies at ATMS
rising as well. Fortunately, there is a company like Security
Service Specialists, Inc. that has decades of experience in
handling these situations and making sure that your most
valuable assets, your employees, are protected at all times.
Our officers are trained to be a presence at the main point
of entry and then make eye contact with each customer
that enters. After they enter, the officer keeps a visual
surveillance on each individual and studies body language
and behavior, so that they are prepared to react at any time.
A well trained and alert officer is a major deterrent to any
criminal act being conducted at your facility. Security
Service Specialists, Inc. can provide this service for you
with either armed or unarmed officers. We also have
uniformed patrol supervisors in marked law enforcement
vehicles that inspect ATMS for our clients 365 days
a year. They make sure that there are no trespassers,
vandalism, or security threats within the vicinity of your
ATM unit. We also check for any public safety issues
such as snow removal, icing, lighting, trash etc. The most
important aspect is that your customers and their families
will feel safe and confident utilizing your facilities and will remain your customers for many years to come.